Grenadier Pond in High ParkHigh Park's Grenadier Pond, beloved by amateur fishermen of all ages

Japanese cherry blossoms in High Park, link to photosThe Japanese Cherry Tree garden - a spectacular sight every spring.

Lovely gardens in High Park

High Park's lovely tended gardens (above) are an interesting contrast with the forested hills and ravines that make up much of the park.


Photo Credits: Wikipedia Commons

Toronto's High Park

logoHigh Park is a spectacular park with a large
diversity of habitats
. Its 400 acres (161 hectares) include wild forests, hilly trails, manicured English gardens, wandering creeks, rolling roads, and open parkland. The park also contains swimming pools (summer only), a skating rink (winter only), outdoor tennis courts, baseball diamonds, soccer fieds, BBQ sites, a restaurant, a BMX bike park, childrens' playgrounds, and a small zoo.

In the summertime, High Park is home to an open-air theatre that performs a different work of Shakespeare every summer. The theatre, called The Dream in High Park, is a delight, if only for the opportunity to eat a picnic on the grass while watching the sun set behind the actors. Go to the Canadian Stage's website.

The park has many lovely walking and running trails. For the most part these are through shady woods, though the paved roads that wind through the park are also good for running and walking. Cyclists can use the winding paved roads and may especially enjoy the up-hill portions...

The park is home to a remarkable variety of native plant species and animals, and is an endangered Black Oak Savannah habitat. For more on the park's staggering natural diversity and how it is stewarded, go to High Park Nature.